Molten-WoW: Login & Home

* Powerful, clean and innovative home menu with all the utilities that support.
* Includes a smart and faster Captcha System if the login inserted is incorrect.


Captcha System


Voting with just 1 click!

Just 1 click to vote each webpage. Avoid long captchas. The app internally votes Molten-WoW webpage and gives you vote points.

Before voting

After voting

Donation, Vote & Auction House. All in one!

* The marketplace is available for all realms.
* Browse items in the Auction House.
* Purchase items from vote points.
* Purchase items from donation points.
* Advanced filter to find the item you are looking for.
* Item inspector. See the item icon and its stats.

Armory in all realms!

* View all of your Molten-WoW characters, along with their stats, equipment, professions, PVP rating and more.
* View and inspect other non-owned characters like your teammates and guild members.

Check the status of all realms

* Check the status of all realms in real time (online/offline).
* Check the queue in each realm.

Realms Status

Molten-WoW News

* See the latest Molten-WoW news.

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